Sylvia Vadimova



CD_Sainte-Nitouche1Sainte Nitouche
   by Luis Naon                                                           Release: October 2012

For mezzo-soprano and seven instruments                                     Recorded in October 2011

Ensemble Diagonal, Ruth Schereiner : conductor                              ALM 0004/ALAMUSE

Distrart Musique

CD_Ruy-Blas4Ruy Blas
                                                                                                              Release: October 1999

Opera in four acts by F. Marchetti – Orch. Sinfonica Marchigiana   Conducted by Daniel Lipton

Casa discografica Bongiovanni (Bologna-IT)                          Recorded “ live ” in September 1998

Il Tabarro                                                                                               Release: November 1999

One act opera by Puccini Orchestra Sinfonica Romana          Conducted by Alexander Frey

Koch-Schwan Edition   (U.S.A.)                                                    Recorded in December 1998

The 9th symphony by Beethoven                                                   Release: January 1999

Symphonic Orchestra of Cairo conducted by Ahmed El Saidi                           NOTC  12065

Cairo Opera Theater Production                                                 Recorded in September 1998

Recital d'airs Russes1A recital on russian chamber music                                       Release:January 2001

Musorgski, Tcaikowski and Rachmaninov        Pianist:  Alberto Galletti

Videoradio-Fonola                                             Recorded live in Rome on the 10-05-00

                                                                                                            Release: February1996

Lyric Opera by Philippe Mion    For 6 lyric voices and tape    Conducted by Laurent Cuniot

Enprentes Digitales                                                            Recorded at Radio France, Nov. 1995

Enfantines« Enfantines »    A recital on russian chamber music                        Release: January 2003

Prokofiev, Stravinsky and Schostakovitch         Pianist:  Alberto Galletti                GB 2542-2

Casa Discografica Bongiovanni                                          Recorded live in Paris on the 5-5-02

CD_Troisième -Round2Troisième Round   –  Bruno Mantovani                                         Release: September 2003

La morte meditate                                                      Recorded at the IRCAM, Paris, May 2003

For mezzo-soprano and seven instruments

Ensemble TM+,  Laurent Cuniot conductor   Aeon                                            AEO315,  distr. HM

Der Kaiser von AtlantisDer Kaiser von Atlantis – Viktor Ullmann                                           Release : 2015

Voix Etouffées Ensemble                                                               Recorded in Paris, 2014

Conducted by Amaury du Closel                                                                       KMI 150215

Karusel Music International Ltd, London